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Guidelines on

the management of the main

exotic species


All that you need to know to export captive bird from the UK


Questions about your new exotic animal?


Why should I take my pet to the Vet?

After allowing a few days to settle in, any new animal should be taken to a GP clinic for a first visit and healthcheck. The first visit is vital in assessing the general health of the animal, highlighting any possible presence of external parasites , injuries, or other concerns. It is important to carry out a stool (faecal) test to assess the presence or absence of intestinal parasites which, especially in young animals, represents one of the greatest risk factors of their overal health and proper development.


With the help of a Veterinarian, in this first visit a new owner can set up a plan for the correct nutrition and management of their new animal, which will obviously be different according to the species: from the organisation of the cage and the home environment if it will be for a rodent or a rabbit, or the terrarium if instead a reptile will be housed.


This first visit must obviously be followed by regular checks of the animal, the frequency of which will be influenced by the species and by any problems that may be encountered during its lifetime.

Regarding the purchase of a parrot, it is advisable to contact a specialised veterinarian even before collecting, in order to understand what it will involve looking after and managing this type of animal.


Like dogs and cats, even so-called unconventional animals require periodic visits by a veterinarian specialized in their care.

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